Pure Gaes:Committed To Quality

The actions of the Vadilal Group have always been driven by the foremost adherence to high quality standards and are backed by a fountainhead of strong ethical principles. With only 60 permanent employees working throughout the company, Vadilal has structured its approach to ensure that its rules of conduct are shared consistently by every segment of the workforce.

At Vadilal Chemicals, business goals are pursued relentlessly without compromising on safety, quality or ethical norms; moreover, we encourage our people to set aggressive targets and meet them in an atmosphere of skill-based worksmanship.

Importance of the gas quality

In R&D, the reliability of the results has become a priority.

Reliable results allow:

  • Increased productivity via optimization of industrial processes
  • Better quality assurance for the products
  • Increased credibility of the research
  • Better personnel safety
Lab mission Consequences of a not appropriate gas quality
All fields of activity
Optimization of the manufacturing processes
Quality control on manufactured products
Production costs
Product quality
Pollution control labs
Emissions - air/water quality - industrial hygiene
Compliance with regulations
Occupational injuries
Independent analytical labs
Various analysis as a provided service
Credibility of the results
Reputation of the lab

The reliability of an analysis is linked to the quality of the pure gases and of the mixtures used and to their compliance with analysis and analyzers.

Quality assurance on gases and mixtures

VCL has been known, for its seriousness and its technical leadership in the field of gas Calibration Gases.

This know-how, based on a long experience, has been validated via:

  • The ISO 9002 certification
  • The accreditation (homologation by a third party)
  • Analytical cross-comparisons at the national and international levels (giving an assurance to the customer)
  • Manufacturer of more than 500 calibration cylinders per month

Thus, conformity and reproducibility of the products are both guaranteed (durability of manufacture).

Concepts of: traceability of the production site metrology

The client's requirements are not limited to quality (compliance with the specification sheet, purity, concentration...).

Customers are more and more sensitive to « total quality » (reproducibility, reliability, proof,…).

Traceability in production:

On the VCL production site, in relation with our quality assurance system (n° cylinder, n° batch, production date,...). This strategy allows to control the product's whole lifetime and to follow it up on time thanks to its identification.