Mixing Tolerance And Certified Accuracy

In addition to the composition of a mixture, two important factors are mixing tolerance and certified accuracy.

Mixing tolerance indicates how close to the ordered concentration we can guarantee the produced concentration. Mixing tolerance varies with concentration and quality , but can also be specified if required. The table below indicates our standard mixing tolerances.

Certified accuracy is our guarantee of the maximum deviation from certified values in the actual value. Certified accuracy will vary with concentration and quality, but can also be specified if required. The table below show the connection between concentration, quality and certified accuracy.

The example below illustrates the difference between mixing tolerance and certified accuracy for the various classes.

The range of the certified accuracy depends on a number of factors, but primarily on :

  • The production method
  • Purity of raw material and impurity content
  • Stability of the components
  • Accuracy of analysis
Ordered concentration [%] Quality Class Mixing tolerance [% relative] Concentration range within which comp. must be [%] Certified concentration [%] Certified accuracy [% relative] Concentration range within which real value must lie [%]
1.00 Calibration gas 3 0.97 – 1.03 1.02 1 1.01 – 1.03
1.00 Gas Mixture 10 090 1.10 1.02 2 1.00 – 1.04