Material Compatibility

It is a well-known phenomenon that some chemical components react with the internal metal surfaces of cylinders, in valves and regulators, and in supply lines.

This can lead to uncertainty regarding :

  • Stability of gas components (particularly in low concentrations)
  • Corrosion with possible leakage
  • Possible adsorption to the equipment from the gas cylinder of the points of use

The data in the following table are based on VCL’s.’ development work and production experience. The data is presumed to be reliable, but an overview of this kind cannot cover all conditions related to temperature, impurities, low concentrations and use. It is therefore recommended that this overview is used to choose possible materials for use, and that more detailed studies must be performed based on published data for expected conditions. If no such study has been published, relevant tests for adsorption and corrosion in actual conditions should be performed in order to determine which material to use